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This area of the website provides information and resources to surgeons, including product specifications, videos, presentations, Software user information, technical support and more. If there is further information you require please contact us.


AxisThree's XS-400 Full Body Scanner

AxisThree’s XS-400 scanner is suitable for a range for breast, face and body procedures.  For more information click here

AxisThree's XS-200 : Facial Scanner

The XS-200 is a desk mountable facial scanner, specifically designed to capture previse 3D image of the facial contours. For more information click here


Procedures & Features Available

Visit the Video Gallery for cosmetic and plastic surgeons, to see the AxisThree 3D scanning technology in action. Select from a variety of procedural demonstrations including:  
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Brow Procedure
  • Cheek Procedure
  • Chin Procedure
  • Nose / Rhinoplasty
  • Wrinkle selection and removal
  • Skin Smoothing
  • Other tools available

    User Information on using the AsixThree Software



    AxisThree 3D Simulation Modelling

    Introduction to AxisThree

    This short presentation provides an overview of AxisThree’s 3D simulation for torso and facial scanning.  Informative and concise, the presentation outlines the main features and benefits for cosmetic and plastic surgeons alike…

    Presentation - Introduction to AxisThree by Biometrix Presentation - Introduction to AxisThree by Biometrix (1069 KB)


    Clinical Study on the accuracy of 3D Simulation

    Accuracy of 3D Simulation

    This independent clinical study on the accuracy of AxisThree’s 3D Simulation was undertaken by Dr Khoobehi et al, Louisiana State University to evaluate the accuracy of volumetric measurements of the AxisThree system.

    Clinical Study - Independent Clinical Study of AxisThree Clinical Study - Independent Clinical Study of AxisThree (369 KB)


    Article from Aesthetic Trend & Technology

    March 2010

    Aesthetic Trends and Technology

    Dr Peter Geldner introduces AxisThree from a surgeon’s perspective. Dr Geldner has been using AxisThree at his practise since 2008 and discusses his approach to consultations using AxisThree.

    Aesthetic Trends & Technology Aesthetic Trends & Technology (290 KB)


    Improving Results of Breast Augmentation Mammaplasty Using the AxisThree 3D Scanner


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