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More and more healthcare professionals and patients are discovering how AxisThree’s 3D simulations improve the patient experience by showing patients potential plastic surgery results before surgery.

AxisThree’s XS-400 for Breast, BODY & FACE Procedures

Axis Three's XS-400 scanner captures high quality, anatomically-accurate, 3D images of a patient's torso in order to simulate breast surgery outcomes. Its simulation software is intuitive, straightforward, and easy to navigate.

Select from a full range of implants from the major manufacturer catalogs, position the implant above or under the muscle and adjust for tissue elasticity with Tissue Behavior Simulation.

AxisThree 400 Specifications AxisThree 400 Specifications (1108 KB)

AxisThree’s XS-200 for Facial Procedures

The AxisThree XS-200 has been released specifically for facial procedures.  The XS-200 is a sleek, desk-mountable unit specifically optimised to capture the face topology with a minimal hardware footprint.

With a modular, plug and play design, the unit incorporates three high-resolution imaging heads and a Color Coded Triangulation (CCT ) algorithm, which enables precise 3D image capture.


AxisThree 200 Specifications AxisThree 200 Specifications (1098 KB)




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