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Breast Implants and Breast Reconstruction

Are you thinking of getting Breast Implants or Breast Reconstruction?

Considering plastic or cosmetic breast surgery is normally surrounded with careful decision making and planning for most people. The patient usually spends large amounts of time on the internet looking at various breast implants, breast surgery techniques, breast implant before and after images of surgery to ascertain the “most appropriate or desired size of the breast implant”. Once the person has completed their due diligence they tend to research and seek a cosmetic doctor or cosmetic surgeon for the consultation.  Biometrix Axisthree scanning has revolutionised the breast implant and cosmetic surgery consultation process.

Breast Implants 

How Axisthree can help you choose your Breast Implant size

Doctors and Surgeons are now utilising 3D breast Scanning technology into the plastic surgery consultation process,  Axisthree uses Siemens 3D breast scanning technology to present 3D breast images to the patient. The patient undergoes a scanning process where the patients Breasts and torso are scanned and 3d breast images produced, the next step engages a full database of all breast implants from all manufacturers. Using these breast implants they can now simulate the breast augmentation procedure, this is of course a simulation and real life outcomes may vary, however it does assist the patient decision. The patient along with the surgeon can now view a range of breast implant options to assist on the most desired outcome for the patient and what is achievable by the surgeon.

The Axisthree 3D scanning also provides key measurements for the surgeon with the ability to measure breast volume and integral breast measurements. It is this feature that assists the surgeon assessing the asymmetrical breast and enables the cosmetic and plastic surgeon to make a more accurate assessment of the planned breast surgery including decisions on skin tissue behaviour related to the age of the patient, the decision to go sub pectoral or sub glandular with the breast implant, all these decisions on breast implants are aided in the 3d breast simulated experience.

The astute surgeon will often complete a post-surgical breast scan to determine and measure the outcome of the breast implant surgery.

Breast Reconstruction

Axisthree 3D scanning also allows file exportation for breast reconstruction purposes and is the only 3D Breast Scanner that delivers a generic file for reconstruction or medical anatomical re-engineering (see wireframe images) and is also suitable for scanning in attire for varied clinical needs and requirements.

All Axisthree 3d scans are founded on an integral siemens scanning platform, a foundation built on perfection.

Biometrix Surgeon locator assists and support surgeons utilising our technology.

Surgeons utilising our technology are found in

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  • Perth
  • Adelaide
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    These clinics will also release details on breast implant costs and details where indicated

    Breast Implants 

    Breast Enlargement 


    Royal Adelaide Hospital

    North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000

    (08) 8222 2009

    Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

    Dr Keith Mutimer

    206 New Street Brighton Victoria 3186

    +61 3 9592 0522

    Dr Mutimer has been a fully qualified specialist plastic surgeon for over 30 years and is based in Melbourne, Australia and performs a range of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures for both men and women.

    Dr David Gillett

    Suite 1/136 Railway Street, Cottesloe WA 6011

    +61 8 9284 4966

    Dr David Gillett is a fully accredited Plastic and reconstructive surgeon based at the Ethicos Institute in Cottesloe Western Australia and specialises in aesthetic plastic surgery of the face and breast.


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