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3D Breast Simulation

See how your breast implant results will look before and after plastic or cosmetic surgery with our 3D breast implant simulator

Before and after Breast Augmentation Simulation Pictures If you are curious about how your body will look after breast surgery, Biometrix AxisThree 3D Scanning can help you visualize your new look, before you have surgery.

Surgeons using Biometrix AxisThree 3D Scanning technology can simulate breast implants of different types, shape and size (from all manufacturers) on a 3D image of your body.

The 3D scanner provides you with a realistic simulation of ‘before and after’ images, using your own body. Even though the scanning process is a simulation it becomes an integral tool in communicating your intended look or size of the implants you wish to achieve.

The surgeon also receives breast volumetric measurements to assist in assessing any asymmetrical findings of the breasts. Biometrix AxisThree 3D breast scanning system therefore becomes an integral consultation and planning tool for the informed surgeon.

Patients can view the 3D Simulation from any angle and some clinics also provide the 3D breast simulation as a 3D file you can load to a iPhone or iPad in order to discuss you “new look” with your partner.

Steps involved to see how your Breast Implants will look

If you wish to find a surgeon that uses our 3D Breast imaging system, simply go to our surgeon locator and contact the nearest surgeon that uses the Biometrix AxisThree 3D Breast scanning technology. The practice manager and staff will coordinate and communicate all other requirements.

Breast volume measurement, Breast reductions, and breast enlargements

Breast volume has always proved difficult to measure for doctors & surgeons when performing various degrees of breast surgery including reconstruction, breast augmentation, breast reduction or simply assessing symmetry.

Before and after Breast Augmentation Simulation Pictures

Breast Augmentation app simulator for iPhone

Curious to see our 3D breast and Face simulation files? Then visit iTunes to download the 3D Axis Three application to see how your breasts can look like after surgery... Sample files are loaded as defaults with the app.

3D Breast Augmentation AxisThree Patient Testimonials

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Royal Adelaide Hospital

North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000

(08) 8222 2009

Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Dr Keith Mutimer

206 New Street Brighton Victoria 3186

+61 3 9592 0522

Dr Mutimer has been a fully qualified specialist plastic surgeon for over 30 years and is based in Melbourne, Australia and performs a range of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures for both men and women.

Dr David Gillett

Suite 1/136 Railway Street, Cottesloe WA 6011

+61 8 9284 4966

Dr David Gillett is a fully accredited Plastic and reconstructive surgeon based at the Ethicos Institute in Cottesloe Western Australia and specialises in aesthetic plastic surgery of the face and breast.


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